6 years something…Confessions Of A Long-Term Relationship Part III

After the exciting Stage 1 – The Acquaintance Phase & the exhausting Stage 2 – Embracing The Skeletons In The Closet Phase there comes the third stage. This is “The Working as a unit phase”. Since now both of us have combined our baggage therefore we have to deal with them together. My six years + old relationship is currently in this phase.6 years something...confessions of a long-term relationship

In Indian society the concept of young people choosing their own life partner is still new and uncomfortable for many parents. Therefore when we both announced at home that we are ready to take the next step, it was not a smooth sail per say. Both our parents were apprehensive as we belong to different castes and states however we are working together to convince them that this is the right thing to do. And our phase 3 is all about this struggle.

This is the reality of “working as a unit”. The problems at this point in the relationship are too big to handle alone and it is great to have someone on your side that understands and supports you completely.

These past two years we have been continuously working on easing our parents and their mind set into the idea of a marriage that is not based on the criteria of caste and societal norms but rather on the fact that we both understand, love and accept each other just the way we are and in doing so have a greater chance at a long happy marital life. Our marriage will not be all about compromises because frankly we are way past that phase. It will be more about support and respect.

Today we have become a well-oiled machine which is ready to take on any new challenge you throw at us. Honestly, it has not been that easy. There have been career problems, money problems and then the father-of-the-bride problems. The latter is still raging on! But I can say that we are going strong, for now.

Marriage is to happen sometime next year. 🙂 Fingers Crossed!

I wish luck to all the young in-love couples out there who have been through these stages or are still going through one. Just keep strong and lean on each other for support and strength. Don’t give up easy because finding a lovely person who accepts you for who you truly are is one of the best things that will happen to you in life!

Yours Truly

Thought Smoke

Do read the previous two relationship phases as well.

Stage 1 – The Acquaintance Phase & Stage 2 – Embracing The Skeletons In The Closet Phase


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