Why You Should Not Be Affected By Petty People!

Being negative and having negative thoughts comes natural to humans whereas positivity requires serious and consistent efforts. Nobody knows the reason why our minds work this way. So it is but obvious that we tend to become negative when confronted by petty people. Now I feel that a poor person cannot affect you as much as the one with poor thoughts. And by poor thoughts I mean to say limited and narrow minded.

People with petty minds will evaluate everything you say and every situation within their limited criteria and experience. On top of that they will think themselves to be the most knowledgeable person in the room; making it tough to reason with them or have a sensible conversation. They will take offence at your opinions & will make it their life’s agenda to show you down.

At first they will try to bring you to their own poor intellectual level and then push you even lower which means they will automatically fill your head with all the negativity and self-doubts. But remaining stubbornly positive is the only way to keep oneself level headed & clear. It does not mean confrontation every time. Sometimes taking a step back is important to see the bigger picture.

People with small radius of thinking will make you think the same way too. You have to remember that there is a vast world outside and that brooding on their opinions will make yours limited too. So you have to be strong and keep your feelings and thoughts on a positive track in order to not be sucked into that vortex of negativity. Sometimes it’s true that if you are with petty people who think that they are superior by making others feel bad then they don’t deserve you.

A person who resorts to making derogatory remarks in order to prove superiority makes a fool out of himself/herself. If you have to face such a person on a daily basis then it’s easy to lose your mind and perspective at one point in time. But if you can conquer your own negative thoughts and that urge to lash back then that’s probably the best thing you can do to maintain the integrity of your character and mind. This is the only way to keep yourself on the road to success and becoming someone who is way above such petty issues!Why You Should Not Be Affected By Petty People


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