6 Years Something…Confessions Of A Long-Term Relationship

It has been six years since we first met. Life has been a series of ups and downs since then. It took us three years to fight out the past another two years to get acquainted with the present and the next one year to plan the future. However after lots of fights, misunderstandings, shocks and heartfelt reconciliations we have finally gotten to a place where our relationship a.k.a partnership is as strong as the steel hull of a container ship and can withstand all kinds of waves of misunderstandings, negativity filled weather and the winds of disapproval. relationship

When we look back today on our journey, our belief in the adage “Everything happens for a reason” is strongly reinforced. After six years in being in a relationship, you realize that what it is today is not the same as what it was in the first six months. If I introspect which I do quite so often, I recognize the various stages through which a relationship between two people evolve before becoming something which can hold out for another 50 years (fingers crossed) of marriage!!

Since this is going to be a really long one hence I have decided to share it with you through a series of coming few blog posts. This decision is made keeping in mind that my plate is already full with assignments (both professional & personal) hence I need small breaks to share what’s going on my mind with my valuable readers. Writing stuff which I can’t usually talk about makes my head much clearer and I brace myself to face the new challenges that just keep on coming!

Stage 1 – The acquaintance phase

This is one of the most difficult and fragile stages of a relationship. You do not know each other well hence you cannot show every skeleton in the closet in a matter of first few dates. It takes time to trust each other to a point where you feel safe about telling your secrets to the other. This is also the first of the many make or break points that come on regular intervals in the relationship. There is also a lot of skepticism not to mention insecurities about each other and yourself since you do not know the person that well in those first few months.

Once you cross this stage and the other person does not run away then you can safely assume that you both have entered the second phase.

Stage 2 – The embracing the skeletons in the closet phase

To be continued in the next post…


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