That Sister Love…

All the girls who have a younger or an older sister will agree with me when I say that nothing can be compared to the love between two sisters especially when the age gap is hardly 1 and a half years – talk about family planning!!(Sic) sistersAs a part of a sister duo I can say this that a relationship between two sisters is like the Ching’s Hot & Sour Soup – It is sometimes heated and often sour but when the flavor of love brings these two elements together then it becomes something special and unparalleled.

My younger sister has been living in another city since past two years. So she only comes home for a few days twice a year. We rarely see each other and talk even less due to the work pressure. However after every visit I reminisce the old times when we used to be in school or college just one grade behind the other. In college we had become much mature and ether’s confidante but school was a completely different story.

Those who are lucky enough to have blood sisters will know that though in childhood we are no less than ether’s nemesis and there is no end to the bickering, shouting, jealousy and sisters 1possessiveness yet the adulthood completely changes the equation of this same relationship. Sibling rivalry is the thing of the past now and your sister is your best secret keeper, brutal yet honest fashion adviser and your partner in the crime. Again this is from the perspective of a normal middle-class family and not the uber-rich siblings who fight to the core for the money!

Somethings you can never talk about with your parents no matter how open-minded and forward they may be. In this case, the safest option is your sister because even a friend could betray you –look what happened to Julius Caesar! Although it is just a play yet the relevance of it cannot be denied in our actual lives.

My point is that nothing can be compared to the bitter sweet relationship between two sisters with just a little more than one year age difference (The Five Things Only Your Sister Can Do). Just like a bunch of grapes the bosisters 2nd between two sisters starts off with a sour fruit which gradually changes to a delicious juicy food served to the Gods. Ultimately it ripens and is fermented to become the magical wine that only betters with age.


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