It’s cool to be a nerd’s girl!!!

It has lately been established that the nerds are the new cool dudes of our popular culture. And being a nerd’s girl myself for five years and now engaged to him, I know this fact for sure. To those who snob the nerds as uncool or weird, I would suggest that you stop doing it as there are many benefits of knowing one.

My fiancée resembles more like Tony Stark than Sheldon Cooper. And I thank God for that since otherwise I would not have been writing this piece!! So without further ado here are some perks of being a nerd’s girl.

  • You get to use the best of gadgets. What I mean by this is whether it is my phone, laptop or even a mouse, I never have to decide among all the available brands in the market. All I have to do is to tell him the price range and the things to which I would put these gadgets to use and voila I get the best suggestions. Since past five years I never had to go through the frustration of decision making with respect to my gadgets and yet I am using the best ones available in the market!
  • You get to use the coolest and latest apps. My nerd makes my life s
    o easy by keeping me updated about the recent app launches and software updates. I never have to worry about my gadgets being outdated or using a third grade app. My guy makes sure that I am ahead of Everyone when it comes to technology!! It may seem silly to some but its extremely important to me. I hate to be late anywhere!!!
  • You get a devoted lover! Since very few people understand and respect a nerd’s passion for his gadgets and hobbies, hence once understood, he will be loyal and devoted to you. Yes it is true that sometimes I am not his first love rather his new gismo yet I admire his passion about things and he is more than willing to make it up to me.
  • I don’t know about others but my nerd is quite charming. The charm, sense of humor along with vast knowledge about plethora of things (courtesy his spending most of his day on the internet) makes him even more desirable.

I kinda feel like Pepper Potts on many occassions actually.

Ultimately you get a cool guy with wit, humor and charm who is passionate about things in life! What more does a girl want! Also nerds are most of the time well-settled in their career. On the expense of being selfish I have to say that I really love a good high-tech lifestyle which my nerd provides with utmost style and sincerity.

Therefore ladies, if you find yourself falling for a nerd, go for it because it is definitely cool to be a nerd’s girl!!!


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