Look Before You Blame

There is a very funny cartoon in the latest issue of The Economist magazine which shows America threatening (“I will do everything in my power”) what seems like its gun lobby but turns out to be North Korea (currently the queen bee of nuisance makers). Initially it is hilarious but then slowly the true implication hits you – It is very easy to find faults in others.

A young survivor of sexual violence at a women...
A young survivor of sexual violence at a women’s and girl’s centre. (Photo credit: Amnesty International)

On a smaller scale if we look at the recent record of crime against women in India, the authorities are doing the same thing of finding fault in anything other than their misadministration. The unabashed comments of the sorts that it is the girl at fault who does not dress properly, from the likes of highest level government officials (who by the way are supposed to be literate and logical) is appalling and pathetic. When asked about the women who are dressed “decently” and still getting raped, these chauvinistic pigs are at loss of words and instead give a sly smile and walk away. I say what about the small 5 year old girls who are being brutally raped??? What exactly is the decency code defined for these children??

It is not only the shoddy policing and the shoddier cover ups which lead to crimes in the capital, the huge migration of unskilled laborers from small cities in search for a living is also a major factor. In Delhi itself, you can find a temporary slum coming up near each posh colony or wherever construction works are undertaken. These poor and illiterate workers are the major workforce of these construction works and a convict in more than half of the cases of women sexual assault in Delhi. One theory is that the unpredictable earning and extreme poverty makes these men (mostly in their teens) to commit sexual violence in order to vent out their anger.

Delhi street
Delhi street (Photo credit: April_May)

It is indeed a sad state of affairs. If only poverty and illiteracy could be removed and means of employment generated at the grassroots level , the rural population will have a shot at employment in their villages and towns itself, hence a steady income, full stomach and less depression. This in turn will reduce the urge to vent in the form of sexual violence. Moreover this could also keep people from taking up arms (naxalism) as unemployed man has not much better to do and in this case an empty stomach becomes the devil’s playground!!!

Therefore it is time that the authorities should stop blaming the women for their own carelessness and work towards repairing the damage that their own faults have caused. Only a stringent enforcement of law could curb the evils of our society rather than senseless blame statements!!!


One thought on “Look Before You Blame

  1. you are 200 % right in citing this article. thanks. it remains that the clothes or a lack of clothes isn’t the issue but the dark, murlky mind of those who rape. if clothes were the reason, i imagine those same rapists who travel to countries where women wear the barest minimum would rape those women as well, but they dont!

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