Nuclear North Korea!?

English: Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang, No...
English: Tomb of King Tongmyong, Pyongyang, North Korea (259-298BC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

North Korea these days comes across as a juvenile delinquent and its leader Kim Jong Un kind of behaves like a spoilt brat. There seem to be many reasons as to why Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threat are just that. First of all apart from China, North Korea does not hold lot of strategic significance economic or otherwise to anyone else. Secondly Pyongyang’s sole guardian China could not afford antagonizing the west if it wants to sustain its export based economy for long.

Nonetheless an extreme reprimand on behalf of China should not be expected since North Korea acts as a sort of buffer between its east coast and USA’s west coast. However in today’s times when the world runs more on economic interests than any other, China may in long term give a second thought about stronger sanctions on North Korea.

I think that one of the reasons for these unceasing threats of nuclear annihilations could be Kim’s desperation to make people take him seriously. His insecurity about being of such a young age as well as to continue the legacy of his forefathers could be a trigger to his recent behavior. However his overzealous suicide mission is projecting him on the contrary. Here we can safely say that these nuclear threats are just a childish attempt to be not considered a rogue teenager instead eligible to join the big boys club!!!

Let us hope that visit of senior Americans to China and their combined interests could make them talk some sense into North Korea because as it is evident that world could absolutely not afford a nuclear war.


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