A Plague called Rape

Recent rape cases in the city (Delhi) have raised a furor among the public. While the demonstrations of anguished common man continues in the heart of the city, still more of such brutal cases continue to come to light from around the country. One wonders what the h330748-new-delhi-gang-rape-protestell these rapists think!!! A man rapes his sister and kills her over property dispute: Why rape when killing could do the job?? Moreover there are so many repeat offenders who get away with these loathsome deeds which shows extreme lackadaisical attitude on part of the police and lack of fear in the criminal. The administration is supposed to have a database so that they could track these worms out and bring them to justice!!!!

Though the police and the government are equally liable to curbing these brutalities yet there is also a very big part played by our societal perceptions acquired throughout childhood. There are a lot of juveniles committing crime these days. Children should be encouraged both by parents and the schools to imbibe Morality which is just a simpler form of ethics. The moral quotient in a person could make him think twice before committing rape. Later when they grow up they could better understand and endorse Ethical concepts.

However we should keep in mind that the moral education could only reform the educated class. The uneducated rapists should however be talked in the only language they understand – The stringent of punishments. Strictest of the punishment for first timers and sure shot capital punishment for repeat offenders is the best short term option in the current scenario. In the long term government could attempt, however impossible, to achieve hundred percent literacy in the country.


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